Community Improvement District sought for Clayton County — again

26 June, 2015 by Nickel Works in Blog

Business owners in the Phoenix Boulevard area are willing to pay extra taxes to see an improvement in their region — despite previous problems with this process.

Steve Bearman, whose company owned property in the area, said his and other businesses put out a request for proposal for a consultant who could help them turn the region into a Community Improvement District. They hired consultant Nicole McGhee Hall from Nickel Works Consulting, who presented the project to the board of commissioners Tuesday.

A CID is an area in which business property owners agree to pay an extra tax in order to see improvements in the area. The CID has complete control over the additional property money to use toward beautification, infrastructure and public safety projects, according to a press release.

In this case, the initial proposed boundaries of the area in question includes area around I-285, Sullivan Road, the Phoenix Boulevard area, Riverdale Road, West Fayetteville Road, and also in the top Camp Creek area near the Georgia International Convention Center.

The boundary continues down Riverdale Road and West Fayetteville Road, and then goes east to South Ridge Industrial Park.

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