Formation of Airport South Community Improvement District (CID)

11 February, 2016 by Nickel Works in Blog

After successfully certifying the Airport West (Fulton) CID in 2014, the Nickel Works team formed and certified the 1st CID in Clayton County…the Airport South CID in 2015. It is the 2nd CID in the Atlanta Aerotropolis Area. The CID boundary is located along Phoenix Boulevard, Sullivan Road, Riverdale Road and Camp Creek Parkway. The Nickel Works team provided Administration Services from the time of formation until the end of the year when the two CIDs entered into a Joint Administration Agreement. Nickel Works will continue to provide Expansion services to enlarge the boundaries and increase the revenues of both CIDs. The team is delighted to be a part of economic development in the South Metro area and hopes to increase the joint revenue to $2.3M for 2016.

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