What We Do

Government Relations

Nickel Works Consulting delivers deep knowledge in the area of transportation and extensive experience in state/county/city governments and state/regional agencies to build creative, informed, and strategic solutions that meet the goals of our clients.

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Community Relations

For all clients, we have extensive relationships and background in the transportation industry. Our added value is years of working with A/E/C firms, governments, elected officials, associations, and the metro Atlanta community, specifically in Southwest Atlanta and South Fulton. Nickel Works Consulting strengthens our clients’ positions through intelligence, research, public relations, partnership building, and media relations.

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Business Development/Marketing

Nickel Works Consulting offers strategic communications to organizations, government and association clients on public projects, to develop community/business support, increase minority outreach and participation and incorporate diversity initiatives.

Formation of Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)

Nickel Works Consulting facilitates partnering with local governments, property owners and business professionals. We identify issues that need to be addressed and lead in providing solutions. Furthermore, we focus on community appearance, public safety, infrastructure upgrades, economic development and transportation improvements.

See our list of present and past CIDs.

Strategic Planning

Nickel Works Consulting tracks transportation-related projects, activities and funding based on strategic focus of government and organization leaders and staff to help governments and organizations make strategic decisions for partnering, grant applications.

Architectural Advice

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