On the Move in Gwinnett County

12 February, 2016 by Nickel Works in Blog

Nickel Works is contributing to economic developing in Gwinnett County by working with the Gwinnett Place CID (GPCID) and the Sugarloaf area.


After a successful 2015-expansion effort for the GPCID, that yielded an increase in revenue of $167,000, the Nickel Works team was contracted again to provide expansion services for the 2016 tax year. It is currently underway and will wrap-up in April 2016.  The Nickel Works Team facilitated a Lunch & Learn to discuss the Gwinnett County Opportunity Zone with local property owners to explain tax credits that may be available to them. Our CID Navigation Program Manager, Raquel Obumba, facilitated the meeting and John Van Brunt from the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) was the special guest.

After a referral from our GPCID client, Joe Allen, the Nickel Works team is now working just a couple of exits north of GPCID on I-85 with the property / business owners and stakeholders in the Sugarloaf area to help them navigate through forming a CID.  The team is working closely with property owners such as Brand Morgan, Scott Meadows and Norwood Davis as well as with stakeholders such as Lisa Anders and Dan Kaufman. A recent property owner meeting was held at the 1818 Club where over 50 property owners and stakeholders were in attendance. Many owners committed to contributing funds and signed consent forms to join the CID.


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